Individual Coaching with Kelley

Coaching With Kelley 

Working with individual clients is at the root of my financial stress coaching practice to help women achieve financial wellness and peace of mind. You will feel have an entirely new, improved relationship to money: 

  • Confidence in yourself
  • Capability to make your money work for you
  • Access to an advisor for continuity

Even better, changing how you deal with your money will enhance other parts your life and you will feel better about yourself  – “refreshed and energized,” one client said.  

How We Work Together 

I start every coaching engagement with an introductory session to determine if coaching is right for you. If the answer is yes, we’ll both sign a coaching agreement.

Then the fun starts! I will:

Share tools to help you assess where you are now with your money, and clarify your goals

Help you build confidence with money and a healthy money mindset

Teach you everything you want to know about making your money work for you 

Support you as you make the changes you need to get where you want to go

I will not:

Judge you – ever!  When you work with me, you’re in a judgment-free zone.

What Is A Typical Coaching Session?

In a typical coaching session, I’ll ask questions aimed at opening up your thinking. I may also notice and point out patterns that may be getting in your way. From time to time, I’ll give you exercises to help you generate insights and lock in money behaviors. You’ll finish each money coaching session with a few to-dos we select together.

My financial stress coaching can produce rapid results. I have had clients make significant changes in their lives after just six sessions. But you get to decide when you are ready to stop. You’re in charge – I’m just helping you get where you want to go!

I fully believe that you have the capability to tame your financial stress and make your money serve your life goals, and I’m eager to help you make it happen.

What Results Can I Expect? 

My clients  have:

Re-engaged with a creative passion

Regained financial stability after divorce

Eliminated financial stress from their marriage 

Confidently launched a new business

Changed careers with a clear financial plan

Freed themselves from their fear of running out of money

Every one of them has said that improving their relationship to money positively impacted almost every aspect of their lives.

Are you ready to take that step? I’m here for you.  




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I was fairly literate about personal finance when I started coaching with Kelley, but I had slacked off in attention to former goals. Kelley was superb at helping me figure out what my present priorities are, how to move forward both by myself and with my husband, and how to cope with fear caused by setbacks. Kelley is smart, knowledgable, attentive, thoughtful, and witty. I came away from each session feeling relieved and energized. She is an amazing coach and support system.
- D

university professor

My dad had a talent for numbers. He loved devising investment strategies, doing his taxes, and otherwise managing our family’s finances. Me? Not so much. But only recently—with Kelley’s help—have I learned that this “deficit” doesn’t have to mean diddly in terms of taking control of my finances and retirement goals. With Kelley’s guidance, I addressed my head-in-the-sand approach to financial planning. I realized that I had fears about money that grew out of a general disinterest in numbers and from the message I heard loud and clear in the mumbo jumbo spewed by the personal finance industry: you can’t possibly do this stuff on your own.

Kelley helped me address my paralysis and to see that just because I don’t want to do a deep dive into investment strategizing doesn’t mean I have to relinquish control. I’m a list maker. And checking “deal with finances” off my to-do list has been a huge relief. I have Kelley Holland to thank for getting me there.


Montclair, NJ

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