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How Can NJ Money Coaching Help You?

Kelley Holland is a highly skilled and insightful coach who had tremendous positive impact on me. After six sessions, I left with clarity about my current position and an action plan for the future. She helped me question some of my long-held (negative) beliefs about money, and I came away with new hope and purpose.  I can’t recommend Kelley highly enough.

Laura Schenone

Montclair, NJ

If you’re looking for a money coach in the Montclair, NJ, area, you’ve come to the right place.  Welcome.

Money coaching is uniquely suited to helping women improve their money smarts and their lives because it helps build confidence and clarity in a part of life that is often confusing and intimidating.

Many people turn to different types of coaching to get “unstuck.” You may want to change something  in your life but can’t see how, or have a goal but can’t manage to reach it. A therapist or consultant would probably analyze what has gone wrong for you in the past and why it’s currently getting in your way – but a coach will help you define where you want to go and how. As your life coach and money coach in NJ, I will help you stop dwelling on past financial choices, gain clarity about your desired future, and map out action steps to improve your overall financial literacy.

Along the way we’ll use positive psychology coaching techniques to explore your strengths and successes, since that will help you see what you really can achieve both with money and your life.


As a money coaching client, you get to direct the agenda. You decide what you want to work on and how you will move toward your goal. As a money coach in NJ, my job is to empower you and help you open up your thinking, trusting in your ability to find the best solution for your life now. As your money coach, I will never judge you or tell you what to do.

(One caveat: On occasion I may offer specific information if you ask about options for, say, locking in new savings habits.  Trust me, no one is born financially literate! If you ask for something like that, I will explain that I’m stepping out of my role as your money coach and describe some possibilities. However, you can then decide what seems most appealing and doable. I may offer facts to help you build financial literacy and capability, but you’ll still be in charge!)

You may be surprised by how quickly you progress. Every client is different, but I have had clients transform their financial lives in just six sessions.


In a money coaching engagement we will meet in person or by phone, typically for an hour at a time. I’ll take notes as you talk but I will be listening with complete attention. You will set the agenda and I will ask you questions intended to help you see new possibilities and perspectives.  On occasion we will work through special coaching exercises to help you progress. You will leave with action steps you have chosen to move you toward your goal, and you’ll have access to me via email or phone between money coaching sessions. The whole process is intended to help you generate insights, realize your potential, and identify your best way forward.

If you’re interested in becoming more financially literate or require personal budgeting help but still not sure if money coaching is for you, feel free to schedule a complimentary money coaching session so we can discuss your situation further. I look forward to meeting you!



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