Why Coaching Works

If you have ever watched coaches during athletic events, you’ve seen what they can do. Sure, coaches decide who to put on the field and urge players to try different tactics – but what really makes coaches special is their ability to help athletes dig deep, focus, and find strengths they didn’t realize they had.

A financial stress coach does the same thing for you. She helps you tame your stress, believe in your potential, and identify both the goals you want to achieve and the resources you can tap to move toward them. She also helps you mark your progress along the way.

What a financial stress coach does not do is take you back to scrutinize your past and uncover what went wrong there. They also do not tell you what to think or do to change your life. Instead, she helps you: uncover and use your strengths, clarify your goals and objectives, and progress toward the solution that is right for you. And she’ll be your biggest cheerleader, supporting you as you go. Your focus will not be on what went wrong; it will be on what you want to go right, and how you can make that happen. 

Coaching is based on a rich body of scientific research into how our brains work, and how our thought patterns and associations can change at any point in our lives. Behavioral economists also inform my financial stress coaching because I use their insights to help you channel your basic human preferences and behaviors to reach your goals. I believe that you have within you the strengths and talents to make positive changes in your life, and my mission is to help you see and use them. 

What does that look like in practical terms? My clients learn to identify and discard disabling money beliefs, and then develop healthy habits that enable them to take charge of their destinies.

I bring plenty of financial expertise to my practice. In addition to my graduate business degree from the Yale School of Management and my Chartered Financial Analyst certification, I am a certified financial educator. I also have an Advanced Diploma in Coaching from New York University.

If you have “life” issues that relate to your financial challenges, we can work on those as well.
After all, financial stress and money are just … part of life.


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