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Introducing the Own Your Destiny financial coaching and empowerment program with former New York Times business editor, award-winning financial journalist, and positive psychology coach Kelley Holland.

Launching early this summer, the Own Your Destiny program includes small-group virtual workshops or private on-one-one coaching sessions and access to a private community space where the conversation and coaching continues!

Are you ready to get to the heart of your money challenges and gain the confidence and knowledge you need to fund the life you want to live?

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Many women have complicated feelings about money, so if you feel worried or uncertain about your finances, you have a LOT of company! I created a Financial Fitness Assessment to help you identify where you face challenges or mindset issues that are keeping you from true financial well-being. After you take the assessment, you’ll receive valuable insights right in your inbox and be automatically subscribed to my newsletter.

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Welcome! I’m Kelley Holland, and I’m here to help you.

If you experience financial stress, you are not alone. In a recent survey, four out of five women reported being weighed down by financial concerns ranging from job loss to low pay and limited savings.

If you are ready to change your financial life for the better and lose your financial stress, you are in the right place. I blend financial expertise and coaching to help women learn how to shed their anxiety and guilt about money, develop healthy financial habits and practices, and achieve true well-being.

Together, we can uncover the intangible money mindsets that may be holding you back and find the inner strengths you can tap instead. Clients of mine say they have become capable stewards of their finances, skilled salary negotiators, fearless seekers of financial security, and sure-footed planners of the next phase in their lives

The reality is, when you take charge of your money, you make the most of a tool that will help you in almost every part of your life.


Kelley came into my life through a mention in a well-being newsletter. I didn’t know I was looking for a coach, i just knew I had a lot of things to work through and there was no one in my life with whom I could be unfiltered. At that time, I was in the midst of transitioning from work “warrior” 24/7 to wise “advisor” on my own schedule. I was contemplating how to use my lifelong accumulation of assets (investments, relationships and knowledge) while allowing time to pursue personal passions and family legacy work.

Kelley’s coaching guided me through a series of exercises and discussions that helped me understand my own financial well-being. She challenged me, processed with me and gave me much needed positive feedback


Metro, NYC

No one ever taught me anything about money, except that I shouldn't spend much of it. As a 40-something career woman, I bought a package of sessions with Kelley that changed my life. I went from being afraid of not having enough money for retirement and my kids' college to confident. She even inspired me to start working again!

She helped me visualize where I wanted to be, and gave me really helpful assignments that motivated me to move forward where I was STUCK. I learned how to create a budget (I know, I never had had one. Crazy, right?), how to have self-compassion and not blame myself for not knowing how to invest, and how to talk to my husband about money. She is a very knowledgeable money coach, yes, but what I loved most about Kelley was how much she seemed to truly care about me. Like a big sister, in a good way. She was very direct, which I need, and explained things in the most clear way. I learned more from her in a few months than I did with my financial adviser in a decade. You get what you pay for with hiring Kelley. You won't regret bringing her into your life. She's worth every penny.



Working with Kelley helped me gain insight and confidence during the challenging first year of starting my own business. Through our sessions I was able to recognize my own strengths, and in turn act from a place of agency rather than one of fear or insecurity. As an entrepreneur this has been invaluable to me, and my business


Cedar Grove, N.J.

I began working with Kelley because although my career was doing well I had a general feeling of being stuck. Through my work with Kelley we tapped into the crux of my situation and I quickly felt un-stuck. She was efficient yet patient and I felt heard and understood. As a result, I feel happy and fulfilled and I attribute much of that to Kelley’s coaching. She is a rock star!!


Syosset NY

Are you ready to get to the heart of your money challenges and gain the confidence and knowledge you need to fund the life you want to live?

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