I’m glad you’re here! 

I am a financial empowerment coach, speaker, and writer on a mission to help women like you tame their financial anxiety, create healthier financial habits, and achieve well-being.

I bring to this work two decades in business and personal finance journalism, reporting and editing for The New York Times, Business Week, CNBC, and others. One of my cover stories for Business Week even helped the magazine win a National Magazine Award for general excellence.

Journalism allowed me to make my own small difference in the world, which is kind of a family tradition. My great-aunt Florence Kelley spent her life advocating for the end of child labor, and my mother was a fervent, effective advocate for women’s health and autonomy.

Part of me wanted to be empowering women, too. But I couldn’t figure out how.

Then I started covering personal finance. I wrote about paying for college, saving for retirement, and raising financially literate children. What I really loved, though, was writing about women and money. The more women I interviewed and the more I learned, the more I realized that women face unique financial challenges.

Some of these challenges are structural – the pay gap, the caregiving expectations – but often, women’s bedrock financial challenges are emotional. Too many of us don’t trust our ability to make smart financial decisions, or even our ability to master financial concepts.

I realized this was how I could help. I had financial knowledge to share. I also had my own history with money, having made many financial mistakes in early adulthood– even with all kinds of financial knowledge under my belt. I have changed my ways, but I knew all about the emotional component of women’s relationship to money.

Now, I blend my financial expertise with coach training and my personal experience to empower women just like you.

I have a graduate business degree from the Yale School of Management, and I am a Chartered Financial Analyst. I am also a Certified Financial Education Instructor, and I am a member of Everyday Health’s Wellness Advisory Board. I hold an Advanced Diploma in Coaching from New York University and I am a certified Positive Psychology Coach.

I live a few miles outside New York City with my husband and my college-age children. I love tough workouts, cooking, reading, and exploring the world. I look forward to helping you fund your future!