Are you seeing those V formations of birds speeding across the sky where you live?

For me, they are always the clearest indication that fall is really here. The other day, I glanced up and saw a southbound flock – and I noticed a bird on the outer edge of the formation who seemed to be struggling to keep up. Suddenly, another bird dipped out of the V and swooped behind the lagging bird as if to encourage it onward. It flapped its wings harder and caught up, and the group continued its journey.

A life change like divorce can make us feel just like that struggling bird. It can seem as if we are constantly trying our hardest just to keep up. You may know this from personal experience, but women tend to fare worse financially than men do after divorce: women who divorced after age 50 saw their household income drop by 41 percent, compared to 23 percent for men, according to a federal government report. And if we have deferred to a partner on big financial decisions in the past, it can be easy to start blaming ourselves for our predicament.

It doesn’t have to be that way. You can feel better about your finances, and you can achieve financial wellness, even if you have not paid much attention to them in the past.

For starters, getting your money life (aka personal finances) in order is doable, even if you never have before. There are ways to keep it simple, low-cost, and easy to maintain. Even better, you don’t have to figure this out all by yourself. Just like the lagging bird who got help from a stronger neighbor, you can find experts with your best interests at heart who can help. Check out my Resources page (click here) for my favorite worksheets and links to unbiased financial education, and more.

If you want to take the next step, visit the program section of my website or reach out to me (click here) to learn you can learn more about my financial empowerment and coaching program for women just like you, and the private money circles I am creating where women help each other to build financial skills and self-confidence. Just like book groups and school committees, we will be coming together to create a safe, supportive space for learning and growing.

Whatever you do, know this: You don’t have to figure this out by yourself. Just like the birds in the V formation, you have others around you who can help you move forward toward financial wellness.