Is 2020 the year you overcome hashtag#financial hashtag#stress and make your hashtag#money work for you? Here’s step 5 in BONUS, my five-step financial hashtag#wellness plan, the S: Save automatically and spend intentionally. Many clients tell me they have no idea where their money goes, and they feel anxious and ashamed. What if you knew your money was going where it should? That your savings were growing? That you were saving steadily for a big goal? That’s what this money move does. Here’s how. First, count up all your essential expenses: mortgage, emergency savings, etc. Then list your long-term goals, like college for the kids or a future vacation. Next, have your bank create sub-savings accounts for each, and allocate your paycheck deposit among them. Now, sit back and watch your savings build. What about spending intentionally? This is a skill built by repetition. Before you pay for anything, stop and ask yourself: Do I really need this? What will I think about this tomorrow? Notice what happens as this becomes a habit. Chances are, you’ll spend less – and feel more in control. If you want help, please reach out: These money moves do take conscious effort. But they’ll be regular habits before you know it – and you will be owning your destiny. hashtag#yourmoney