Kelley Holland Money Coaching and Life Coaching For Women

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Kelley Holland appeared in the recent issue of Montclair Magazine announcing her business as a Life and Money Coach for women and older girls. She teaches women how to gain financial literacy, how to be more confident in the world of finances and helps them build up good money money habits. Here’s a transcript of the original article:

Financial Advice, Woman to Woman

With her background as a business and personal finance journalist at The New York Times, Business Week, and CNBC, Kelley Holland could write the book on financial confidence and good money habits. Now she’s started a business as a money and life coach for women and older girls who want to benefit from her expertise. Holland shares insights in how to be confident investors, skilled salary negotiators, capable teachers of money skills to children, and organized budgeters for college, retirement and everything in between. She also helps teen girls build money confidence and develop financial habits that will be useful in college and beyond. Holland offers both one on one coaching and workshops.

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