money coaching services NJWritten by Kelley Holland:  Going to college is no small feat these days, what with stiff competition for spots, a labyrinthine application process, and of course the ever-increasing cost to attend.  Even so, the number of students attending college is rising every year – and more than half of those students are women.

Impressive, right? And there’s more.

A recent study by T. Rowe Price, a brokerage firm, found that while 50% of parents with only boys save money for their college education, only 39% of the parents of only girls do the same. Not only that, among the parents who do save, 83% of the parents with only boys add to their college savings monthly, compared to 70% of the parents with only girls. Parents with only boys are more willing to personally take on significant college debt, and they’re more likely to put college saving ahead of saving for retirement.

The results suggest that parents may still have some “antiquated expectations based on gender,” a T. Rowe Price official observed.

You think?

But there is another way to look at the data.

If more than half of all college students are women, even in the face of societal messages about their place in the world – and even if their parents are saving less money for them to attend – those are some very determined young women. Those are women with a lot of drive, a lot of ambition, and a lot of belief that they can make something of themselves.

So yes, the T. Rowe Price findings are disappointing, even maddening.

But let’s also take a minute to celebrate the resilience of young women today. Think what they could do with equal funding!

Don’t just take it from me, though. Here’s Beyonce to tell you what’s what.