I love opportunities to speak with audiences large and small, and to help people build financial confidence. It is beyond gratifying to see audience members light up as they start to envision a brighter financial future.

Some of my more popular topics include:

  • Rewrite Your Money Story, Change Your Life
  • Real-World Money
  • Chart Your Course for the Next Half of Your Life
  • How to Become a Better Giver

Recently, I’ve had the privilege of speaking at a wide range of venues, from Cornell University to a regional association of financial advisors. I have also been a guest on TV and radio, with appearances on CNBC, PBS’ Frontline, National Public Radio’s All Things Considered, and Money Sense Radio.


I was so thankful for Kelley’s personal finance workshop with Cornell’s Panhellenic community.  Her in-depth knowledge of the subject matter and ability to keep a large crowd of over 100 women engaged and individually benefiting from different parts of the workshop was laudable. Kelley gave us information and resources about budgeting, savings and retirement among other things which not only made the women feel more comfortable in their futures, but also was material that many of us have no other reliable source for…

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On a more personal note, I just graduated and am starting my new job this month. I feel like I have so many more resources and a stronger understanding of how to budget living independently for the first time in large city, and also knowing the basics of credit card usage and 401Ks — daunting things that now feel much much more attainable!

I would highly recommend Kelley for one-on-one counseling or a group workshop. In addition to being excellent at her job with a lot of in-depth knowledge about anything and everything money related, she is such a wonderful individual— approachable, interesting to talk to, funny, warm, and a very real person; someone I would wholeheartedly trust to help me as an individual with my financial future and to lead a workshop for a community I was so passionate to help grow in any way I could


Zoe Kalos
Vice President of Programming 2017-2018
Cornell Panhellenic Council

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