I love opportunities to speak with audiences large and small, and to help people build financial confidence. It is beyond gratifying to see audience members light up as they start to envision a brighter financial future for themselves. I have had the privilege of speaking everywhere from Cornell University to the Association of Fundraising Professionals to the National Coalition of Girls’ Schools. I have also been a guest on TV and radio, with appearances on CNBC, PBS’ Frontline, National Public Radio’s All Things Considered, and Money Sense Radio.

Following are recent speeches I have given. 

Free Yourself From Financial Stress

Three out of four women feel stressed about their finances at least occasionally, and women are more likely than men to blame themselves for their financial anxiety. Importantly, financial stress does not just affect women in financial DIStress: one in four women with incomes over $200,000 fear poverty and homelessness in old age. 

Financial stress can cause any number of health problems, from insomnia and anxiety to depression and high blood pressure. But it is possible to bring financial stress under control. 

In this interactive 45- to 60-minute workshop, Kelley Holland blends her financial knowledge, her financial stress expertise and her social intelligence to help participants: 

  • Understand the causes of their financial stress
  • Disengage from anxiety-producing thoughts
  • Recognize their money strengths
  • Visualize life goals their money can serve 

Participants will leave with greater peace of mind about their finances, strategies to keep their financial stress at bay, and greater confidence in their ability to make their money work for them. 

Rewrite Your Money Story, Recharge Your Life

Women today control just over half of the nation’s wealth, and they are on track to control as much as 70% by the year 2030. Women also outperform men in investing, according to research by Fidelity Investments. But women’s confidence in their ability to manage their finances is well below men’s: only half of the women in a recent study were confident they could manage investments, compared to two-thirds of the men. And the confidence gap starts early: nearly two-thirds of women aged 18 to 29 said financial planning was too difficult to even think about.

During this 60-90 minute discussion for women seeking greater financial peace of mind, Kelley Holland pairs her financial perspective and social intelligence to help participants: 

  • Dismantle the limiting stories women tell themselves
  • Work on establishing a sense of possibility
  • Identify life and financial goals
  • Begin outlining a map to achieve these goals 

Participants will leave with newfound confidence, and a five-step process for making changes in their financial lives.

Financial Fitness After Forty

Women save a greater share of their paychecks than men, and they are more likely to contribute to workplace retirement plans. Even so, many women reach midlife stressed and fearful about their future financial security: 42% of women believe they will run out of money by age 80, and one in four women earning $200,000 or more fears poverty and homelessness in old age.

During this 60-90 minute discussion for women in midlife, Kelley Holland pairs her financial perspective and social intelligence to help participants:

  • Lower their level of financial stress
  • Work on establishing a sense of possibility
  • Identify retirement goals
  • Begin outlining a map to achieve those goals

Participants will gain focus and a sense of purpose and optimism, as well as four money moves to boost their financial security.

Reset: Moving Forward After a Life Change

Divorce among people over age 40 is on the rise – the rate has doubled for those aged 50 and over since the 1990s – and women typically lose ground financially after a marriage ends. Older women also face discrimination at work, and in the hiring process. And many women still delegate financial management to their partner, so if they are suddenly on their own, finances are part of the change. All of these factors can shatter women’s confidence in their prospects for a secure future after divorce, widowhood, or the loss of a job.

In this 60-90 minute session for women experiencing life changes, Kelley Holland blends her financial perspective and social intelligence to help participants:

  • Establish a sense of possibility
  • Assess their current financial state
  • Set goals for their new life
  • Begin crafting a plan to achieve their goals

Participants will also learn about four money moves they can make now to boost their financial security and reduce financial stress.

First Step Finances (for graduating high school/college seniors)

Close to 20 percent of American high school students lack basic financial knowledge, according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. Girls score slightly lower than boys on financial knowledge – and sharply lower on financial confidence. They believe they are even less capable than the tests show.

In this highly interactive 60-90 minute workshop, Kelley Holland blends her financial expertise and social intelligence to help participants:

  • Track their spending
  • Distinguish between needs and wants
  • Plan for the future they want
  • Use credit cards strategically
  • Build confidence in their own financial abilities

This workshop has won praise from both students and administrators, and was selected for presentation at the Educating Girls Symposium of the National Coalition of Girls’ Schools.

You did an awesome job yesterday.  We were very pleased that you could come and share around managing financial stress with our Women@Mercer group.  Thank you!

Benny Yeargan

Partner, Mercer (US) Inc.

We are very glad we brought in Kelley as a featured speaker at our Third Half Lift Speaker Series.  Kelley is a master of making fearsome financial issues less anxiety-producing by bringing clarity and vision to the fore.  Her discussion of financial wellness gave our participants grounded advice and action steps to move forward.  We all walked away edified by Kelley’s knowledge and impressed with her presentation skill.

Campbell T. Gerrish

Co-founder, Third Half Advisors

I was so thankful for Kelley’s personal finance workshop with Cornell’s Panhellenic community.  Her in-depth knowledge of the subject matter and ability to keep a large crowd of over 100 women engaged and individually benefiting from different parts of the workshop was laudable. Kelley gave us information and resources about budgeting, savings and retirement among other things which not only made the women feel more comfortable in their futures, but also was material that many of us have no other reliable source for.

On a more personal note, I just graduated and am starting my new job this month. I feel like I have so many more resources and a stronger understanding of how to budget living independently for the first time in large city, and also knowing the basics of credit card usage and 401Ks — daunting things that now feel much much more attainable!

I would highly recommend Kelley for one-on-one counseling or a group workshop. In addition to being excellent at her job with a lot of in-depth knowledge about anything and everything money related, she is such a wonderful individual— approachable, interesting to talk to, funny, warm, and a very real person; someone I would wholeheartedly trust to help me as an individual with my financial future and to lead a workshop for a community I was so passionate to help grow in any way I could.

Zoe Kalos

Vice President of Programming 2017-2018, Cornell Panhellenic Council

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